what is a fret on a guitar

What is a fret on a guitar?

Fret, what is a fret on a guitar

So, what is a fret on a guitar?

Have you been scratching your head wondering what a fret on a guitar is? Well you’re in the right place, we’ve made a short info guide on what frets actually are.

Frets are a raised, usually metal, element that divides the neck of a guitar into fixed segments at intervals related to a musical framework.

Frets, more often than not extend across the full width of the neck and are metal strips that extend into the fingerboard.

On some historical guitars and non-European guitars, frets are made of pieces of string tied around the neck.

On guitars one fret represents a semi-tone. Fret is often used as a verb, meaning simply “to press down the string behind a fret”.

Guitars require a special compensation on the saddle and nut. Each time a string is fretted it is also stretched, and as it stretches the string rises in pitch, making all fretted tones sound sharp

So, how does a fret on a guitar work?

Pressing the string against the fret reduces the vibrating length of the string to that between the bridge and the next fret between the fretting finger and the bridge.

Frets make it a lot easier for guitarists to play since the frets highlight the right positions for the right notes. Not only that it majorly helps playing chords accurately.

Damage, repair and maintenance

Frets can, however, get damaged and fret repair is a very real thing, as the strings on a guitar are played over time it will cut grooves in the frets and they’ll need fixing or replacing.

We’ve listed some tools below that help keep your frets and fretboards in tip-top shape:

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