Best guitars for country music

Best guitars for country music




Country music is a kind of genre that has tones of funs, but have you ever known that the guitar instruments usually bring the taste and harmony in the music SO WHAT ARE THE BEST GUITARS FOR COUNTRY MUSIC? However country music primarily existed since 1920 from the south, it has revolutionized to the present-day country gold Spotify playlist.

Truth to be told country music is a popular music genre and a favourite calming beat for many. However, personalities like Chet Atkins and Hank Williams, who are the legendary guitarist, have impacted this genre in a significant manner. However, country music genre gave birth to various subgenres such as outlaw country, rockabilly and the famous controversial `bro-country’. Despite the style of the genre, the rich sound gets defined by the instrumentals used such as banjos, harmonicas, fiddles and guitars. However, the backbone of the genre is mainly the acoustic guitar. Therefore In this article, I will point out the best acoustic guitars for country music.

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Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar 

The guitar comes with:

  • Classic go-to Dreadnought Shape
  • Select Spruce top
  • Mahogany Body
  • Premium Machine Heads
  • SlimTaper Neck Profile


The Epiphone has the jumbo shape and has a large body which projects like a beast. It has added unique designs such as slope dove wing headstock, an elaborate pickguard, conspicuous mustache bridge and Pearloid crown fretboard inlays. It has ideal tonewoods for a device of its price. Its top got made of solid spruce, and the laminated maple covers the remaining part of the body. These features make its simple to access the 20 frets of the Pau Ferro fretboard.


This guitar contains decent tones which makes the fantastic sound .presence of features such as solid spruce accompanied by maple produces a rich tone which is suitable for both country music and rock music. The volume project correctly as it can get heard throughout the room.


When you take this guitar to the stage, you will be impressed to hear it loaded with a preamp and pickup system. Epiphone has loaded the guitar, and its headstock gets installed with a gold rotomatic machine heads that have 18:1 tuning ratio for precise adjustments. Otherwise, the body gets characterized by a mustache bridge made from solid Pau Ferro, which is saddled with a synthetic bone sitting comfortably from the top.


  • Comes in two shade that is natural and ruby red.
  • It has a dreadnought size.
  • Has an adjustable truss rod.
  • It has a rosewood bridge.
  • Has a diecast tuner.
  • It contains nato in the sides and back.
  • It contains a solid Sitka spruce top.

Yamaha FG800 guitar is a quality device which is amongst the best for country music, and it’s affordable and cheap.



This guitar produces the most resonant, loud and fantastic sound, compared to other acoustic devices. The device provides best tones with the benefits from scalloped bracing and dreadnought size, and the sound is warm and sweet, accompanied by balanced brightness.


The guitar is loaded with headstock which is accompanied with a set of sealed die-cast chrome which keeps the guitar tuned. It also has a urea saddle and nut, with a rose bridge at the bottom.


The Yamaha FG800 is loaded with a dreadnought, and this feature makes this guitar to be unique and a comfortable model which facilitates ease in holding and it feels better. It acquires a super unique design and character from some of its features such as sleek glossy finish, faux tortoiseshell pickguard on the exterior and white and black multi-ply binding. Its neck get fitted at the 14th fret, and it has apart from its matching sides, and back, its neck also is made from nato, with a rosewood fretboard, hand-friendly satin finish and 20 frets. These designs are super unique, and it’s a compatible instrument.

Martin Standard Series D-18 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural


  • Powerful dreadnought design
  • Great-sounding combination of solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides
  • Modified low oval neck profile with high performance taper
  • Smooth black ebony fingerboard
  • Bone nut and compensated saddle for improved sustain and intonation



This guitar is outstanding in different ways and on seeing it, you can’t fail to recognize it’s a martin due to its classic dreadnought shape, which gives it a sense of elegance. Its body is exotically curved from the solid Sitka spruce on the top, and its sides and back are made from solid mahogany. Around its body, there is a black Boltaron binding, with its tops have gloss polish finish and the stripped herringbone rosette. The neck is designed with an exotic select hardwood which is predicted to be made from mahogany, Spanish cedar.


The guitar doesn’t contain electronics; hence it has given attention to the bridge and tuners. These features are made to be versatile and to promote precise operation. It comes with a hardshell case which provides the best storage while storing or even travelling from gig to gig.


Exotic, fascinating, impressive and sophisticated are mere words which can describe the sound of martin the martin series guitar. It has low booming delivers, and even with this emphasized bass, the sound is still impressive, which is articulate and warm throughout meaning it doesn’t dominate the trebles or mids, it generally balanced tonally. It is loud even unplugged, its versatile acoustic as it can be used in blues fingerstyles and the country music as it enhances belligerent acoustic rock strumming.


The above guitars are the best for the country music. With the features listed, then you can choose which suits you better. Happy hunting!

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