Average Cost Of Guitar Lessons(2020)

Average cost of guitar lessons

Average Cost of Guitar Lessons in 2020

What is the Average Cost of Guitar Lessons?

So this question has many things for you to consider such as:

  • Are you wanting online guitar lessons?
  • Are you wanting face to face guitar lessons?
  • What’s your guitar lesson budget?
  • What it is you want to achieve from the lessons – are you learning from scratch or want new techniques?

The good news is there are plenty of guitar lessons, tutors and videos out there – the bad news is not all of these are worth parting with your hard-earned money and time!

Online versus Offline Guitar Lessons

Let’s face it – online guitar lessons are great.  They mean you don’t have to travel on those cold wet days, risk damaging your guitar from moving it from place to place.  You can stay in your normal clothes without feeling the need to get dressed up in your funky guitar outfit (if you have one!) and you just need to have a decent internet connection and something to watch the lessons on – easy. 

There are a multitude of online course that can help you learn to play, or learn new guitar techniques, no matter your budget or guitar playing level.  Depending on the course and tutor, you can usually replay lessons and pause and start whenever you want.  If live lessons, then you can have that contact and support you need too!

Offline lessons are great too but can sometimes cost a hell of a lot more – depending again on the tutor, your level and time you need to learn.  You do get that more intimate teaching experience which some people may prefer though.

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Guitar Lesson Costs

Okay so this is a difficult question to answer as it can vary greatly.  For the sake of arguments, lets give some rough ideas of price in dollars ($) but you can work out the cost in your own currency quite easily.

Face to face lessons can cost anything between $15 and $80 an hour – depending on those factors I mentioned earlier.  Some would argue that the price can reflect the quality of the lessons being given but that is not always the case – you need to look at reviews or what others have said on websites such as ours.

Online course can work out so much cheaper and can start from just $20 a month – offering packages to suit all tastes and levels.  You can stop and start whenever you want and take off where you left off!  Be that at 1am in the morning or during your lunch break – considering those around you of course!

With online lessons you still get access to professional advice and monitoring in most cases – depending on the package you choose – and you can choose to share ideas and tips with others or just gain from a wealth of others experience.  The guitar world really is your oyster!


As you can see – we favour online lessons so much more than offline ones, but that really is your choice!  You can see the cost of guitar lessons can vary but with online guitar lessons the cost really does work out to be great value for money whilst still giving you the lessons you really need to progress.

I hope you have found this little post useful and has answered “What is the Average Cost of Guitar Lessons?” for you.  If you want to add to this question or the answer, please do add your information below as we love to hear from you folks!

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